2016 Good Friday Appeal

ANL Lighting presents cheque for $16,000 for the 2016 Good Friday Appeal. ANL Lighting presents cheque for $16,000 for the 2016 Good Friday Appeal.

On Thursday the 24th March, ANL Lighting enthusiastically held a collective fund-raiser between staff and customers to raise money for the Good Friday Appeal – a foundation that we are very proud to participate in annually.

The Good Friday Appeal is one of the largest community appeals in Australia and it's success lies within the service of many individuals and organisations who offer their generosity and support towards The Royal Children's Hospital.

During the lead up to the date, our phone Sales Representatives collected generous donations from their clients. On behalf of the whole team at ANL Lighting we would like to thank our customers for their continued support and donations.

In-house contributions from staff at ANL Lighting were achieved via engaging activities and auctions – where staff had opportunity to bid for Director's car parks, longer lunch breaks, gift hampers, Easter chocolates and more! The clear crowd favourite sell-off of the day however was the opportunity to submerge the Boss's and fellow employees into 1000L of water via a dunk tank! Plenty of laughs were had, (staff were particularly enthused to dunk the company Director's and their Managers into the cold water!) What a fun way to raise money!

The final tally of the funds raised was $16,000! An amazing endeavor by all. Once again we would like to thank every individual who participated and generously donated to the 2016 Good Friday Appeal.

** The ultimate total of the 2016 Good Friday Appeal was a staggering $17,445,624.38!