• Vibe's Aluminium Profile Lights

    Mblog post imageust form follow function; can’t they both work together in seamless unity to create an object that is as useful as it is desirable? We live in a world littered with choices, at almost all avenues we're never forced into a decision due to lack of options. With that in mind the same choices are made contently in a world that applauds innovation. Creating something new can reap extensive benefits, much like speed dating a consumer or guest has developed an impression of you based on your space and appearance within seconds, your business or home is no different. Give them something to truly admire and put the theory into practice with our most versatile aesthetic lighting range. Vibe’s Aluminium Profile Lights are for those who want to make a statement, where your decisions expand beyond colour temperature and into limitless creative avenues. Want the lighting to create a follow-able path throughout the venue? Done. Want your lights to form a seamless pattern between the roof and walls? Not a problem. With seventeen available styles each designed for a specific purpose and capable of working together without fault the possibilities are near endless. Create an impression be it in your workplace or home by combining functionality with form in perfect harmony.stairs-with-thin-strips-of-light

  • Submersible IP68 Exterior LED Fittings – Soon to be released

    Vibe Submersible IP68 Exterior LED Fittings Vibe Submersible IP68 Exterior LED Fittings

    On the forefront of superior technology, this month Vibe Lighting are excited to launch the new Elite series of LED Recessed Ground Lights and LED Outdoor Projector Lights. This advanced light series performs in extreme environments due to precision engineering owed to an IP rating of 68.

    What is an IP rating?

    IP stands for Ingress Protection and is fundamentally a rating system developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission or the IEC. The system is now being used to classify different degrees of protection against intrusion or immersion. The IP rating is an informative way to communicate how well a product is guarded against dust or water from damaging a product 1

    The IP rating is usually followed by two digits. The first indicates the level of dust-resistance, the second water resistance. Dust-resistance levels go from 0 up to 6 while water-resistance goes from 0 to 9.

    How does Vibe measure up?

    With an IP rating of 68, the soon to be released Elite series of products offer supreme waterproof and dust protection. The first digit, the number '6', means that the product has total dust ingress protection. The second digit, the number '8', means that the instrument is suitable for permanent submersion in water.

    For Vibe Lighting, product reliability is a paramount factor. The soon to be released LED Recessed Ground Lights and LED Outdoor Projector Lights epitomise this. With several new products, each with patented design and impressive benefits such as:

    • IP68 rating, ideal for in-ground, underwater or outdoor application.
    • Stainless steel (316L) front face and high quality andonized aluminium housing – ensuring corrosion free outdoor performance in salty, damp environments.
    • 8mm tempered glass lens which supports 2000kg 'drive over' performance.
    • Optimal long life of 50,000 hours.

    When it comes to waterproof submersibility, measured according to the IP rating system, most manufacturers offer either the standard splash-proof IP54 rating, or the bare basic IP67 submersible rating - just 1 metres depth for 30 minutes. Not content with just the entry-level 1 metre for 30 minutes Vibe's new LED Recessed Ground Lights and LED Outdoor Projector Light series are certified as waterproof-submersible.

    With the LED Recessed Ground Lights and LED Outdoor Projector Lights’ IP68 rating, coupled with energy efficient CREE LED chips, advanced construction and a 3 year warranty, makes these products the first choice for anyone looking for the perfect lighting solution to wet indoor or outdoor environments.

    For more information or to take advantage of these new products please call ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301.

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  • Vibes LED GLS Lamps

    Vibe LED GLS Lamp Vibe LED GLS Lamp

    Are you looking to upgrade your power hungry incandescent lamps to LED? Well, Vibe lighting has the lamp for you!

    Vibes LED GLS lamps are compact and are environmentally friendly, have a long life of 50,000 hours, are equipped with a high quality LEXTAR LED chip and have a high CRI of >80.

    Their wide beam angle of 320° and two colour temperature options; 3000K Warm White and 5000K Natural White, make them perfect for general lighting applications such as

    • Table lamps
    • Hotels
    • Chandeliers
    • Homes
    • Restaurants & Cafes

    They are available in 3 different wattages in both Bayonet Cap and Edison Screw with two options being dimmable, which allows you to find your perfect option:

    • 7W replaces 35W - 40W incandescent
    • 9W (dimmable) replaces 50W incandescent
    • 11W (dimmable) replace 100W incandescent

    For further information please call ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301

  • Vibes LED Dome Series

    Vibes Dome LED Downlight Vibes Dome LED Downlight

    ANL Lighting is back into the swing of things and to start the year off, Vibe Lighting has recently introduced its new Dome LED Recessed Downlight Series.

    These unique downlight fittings are architecturally designed, have excellent heat dissipation and are environmentally friendly. With a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, you can expect to see a price reduction in your electricity and maintenance costs.

    They are dimmable on most leading and trailing edge dimmers and come standard with a white trim, however an interchangeable trim colour is available. To add to their uniqueness, you are able to change the diffuser design to suit your personal requirements; a flat face for a flush appearance or a sit in diffuser for low glare.

    There are two available wattages: 18W & 24W, both come in a Warm White or Natural White and due to their 100° beam angle they are able to be used in a variety of applications, such as

    • Residential areas
    • Hotels
    • Cafes & Restaurants
    • Supermarket
    • Museums
    • Exhibitions
    • Promotional areas

    If you require further information on this product or on any of our other LED Downlights, please call ANL on 1300 300 301.

  • Vibe LED Sensor Light Competition

    At Vibe Lighting we love to reward our customers for their continuous support, so for the month of September, any customer who bought our Vibe LED Sensor light at one of our valued lighting supply stores, were asked to send in a photo of where they used it. Once the photo was submitted they were automatically put in the draw to win an LED Rechargeable Floodlight (yellow or camoflage) plus a 7 year supply of batteries for their whole home, (one entry per purchase). On the 10th October the winner was selected based on the best photo. Congratulations to the winner Rexel Mildura

    Sensor light winning photos Winning Photos

    The Vibe LED Sensor Light is battery powered with a motion sensor LED light and is easy to mount with two available mounting options: 3m adhesive tape with a plastic hook and 2 screws with a plastic hook. It has a built in photosensitive resistance and PIR sensor, which activates when both darkness and motions are detected, as well as it automatically turns off after 30/60 seconds (select your own time length) after the last motion was detected.

    Vibe LED Sensor Light Vibe LED Sensor Light

    This unique Vibe product is perfect for applications such as:

    • Hallways

    • Stairways

    • Bedrooms

    • Closets

    • Bathrooms

    • Pantries

    • Garages

    • Utility Vehicles

    For further information on this product please contact us on 1300 300 301

  • Vibe LED String Lights


    Vibe LED Star String Lights Vibe LED Star String Lights

    As we all know, putting Christmas lights up around homes, office buildings and Christmas trees amps up the Christmas spirit and puts joy in our hearts; that or knowing it's nearly time to relax after a long year!

    With that in mind, Vibe Lighting have jumped in early and have introduced their New Star Multi-coloured LED string lights.

    These environmentally friendly string lights are available in two lengths: 10m and 20m, with spacing of 100mm between each LED light. They have a life span of 50,000 hours and are IP44, meaning they are able to be hung outdoors but still need a little bit of protection.

    This amazing product has plenty of modes to choose from, 8 to be exact: wave, sequential, chasing, flashing, fade, slow fade, twinkle and combination.

    The key feature about String lights is that they are multi-purpose, they can be used in just about any application, which means they can be used all year around and not packed away once the Christmas period is over.

    Applications include:

    • Christmas Trees
    • Gardens & Trees
    • Wrapping around poles
    • Buildings
    • Homes
    • Weddings
    • Bedrooms
    • Functions
    • Restaurants & Cafe's
    • Bars

    For further information please call ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301.

  • Comparing LED Retrofit lamps

    Understandably it can be overwhelming trying to nut out which LED Lamp has the upper hand and will be most beneficial in any home or business, when wanting a direct replacement.

    There are a few leading brands in today's market, so we have taken the liberty of comparing a few lamps by different brands.

    MR16 Replacements Comparison MR16 Replacements Comparison

    The Vibe LED MR16 Retrofit Downlight lamp, retrofit meaning direct replacement, is a great alternative for anyone who is looking to convert their existing downlights to LEDs.



    Over time, you will notice a reduction in your electricity and maintenance costs, due its long life of 50,000 hours and low power consumption.

    Due to having the advantage of being retrofit, these unique lamps are able to suit most applications including:

    • Retail & Shopping Centres
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Show rooms
    • Offices
    • Homes
    • Bars
    • Casinos & Gaming rooms
    • Lifts
    • Gardens
    • Signage

    For further information on Vibes LED MR16 Retrofit lamp, please call 1300 300 301

  • Using different types of lights for their designed purpose

    Choosing the best lighting to suit any application can be easily overlooked, however it is one of the most critical elements in any area.

    Each lamp or light fitting has been manufactured to fit a certain criteria and application. Here are a few examples of where you would use specific types of lighting, to accomplish the best look and functionality from the product.

    Warehouses: When considering lighting to use in warehouses or factories, you want something that is durable, produces a high light output, is energy saving and has a long lifespan which in turn eliminates regular lamp changes and reduces maintenance costs. LED High bays are a great choice, as most are IP65 rated, start instantly, have a long life of 50,000 hours and come in various wattages, as well as having several reflector options.

    Offices: Good lighting in any office space is essential as it allows staff to see clearly and perform their work efficiently without straining their eyes.
    The key factors to consider when determining the adequacy of lighting are the:
    - Amount of light required in that area;
    - Number, type and position of the light sources
    - Tasks or activities performed, how often and for how long these are performed; and
    - Maintenance of the light source
    Different activities require different levels and qualities of light. The visual demands of the activity or task performed determines the lighting needs of that area.

    Choosing appropriate lighting

    LED T-Bar troffers are ideal to suit these requirements, as most have a colour temperature of 4500-5000K (natural white), a long life of 50,000 hours, start instantly, have a wide beam angle of 120° (which allows even light coverage) and have a high CRI of 80. As a side note, when sourcing your lights, ask the supplier to provide a specification sheet with cone diagrams or photometric data for the fitting/lamp combination to determine how much light is being produced at a certain distance from the fitting.

    Retail Stores: In any retail store it is important to highlight products to make them appealing to customers. For example, if you owned a jewellery store and were displaying diamond rings in a cabinet, you would want a direct light to accentuate the rings to make them eye catching. Vibe LED Cabinet/Display lights are a perfect option; they are petite, available in fixed or gimbal (are able to be tilted), have a direct beam angle of 24°, 50,000 hour lifespan, can be dimmed and have a high CRI of 80.

    Homes: Home is where the heart is, so creating a sense of warmth and welcome is ideal. A flood and even spread of light (like you would in an office) is not the effect you want in this environment; homes need to be 3 dimensional, meaning light and dark spots. LED Downlights with a narrower beam angle are optimal. They are available in fixed or gimbal (allowing directional light) dimmable, most having a life span of 40,000 hours, have a 40° beam angle, are energy saving and low maintenance.

    As lighting technology is continually growing and changing in style, design and functionality, it is understandable that it can all be a tad overwhelming. Knowing and researching what types of lamps and light fittings are designed and used for will truly assist in making the correct choice for your application.

  • Vibe LED Customisable Strip Enclosure

    Vibes LED Customisable Strip Enclosure Vibes LED Customisable Strip Enclosure

    Strip Lighting is becoming more popular for use in unconventional places and being used to replace fluorescent and incandescent linear lighting. Vibe Lighting have a range of strip lights in various wattages and colours, and have recently added an LED customisable strip enclosure to their range.

    This LED strip enclosure is compatible with most LED strip lights and has been designed to make straight linear lighting easier. It is the perfect solution for protecting LED strip and in the process has created a 'fluorescent tube like diffusion'.This allows the LED strip with its individual LED chips (which can sometimes be a glare source) to have a smooth spread of light, which softens the look completely.

    It is available in standard lengths of 300mm, 600mm and 1200mm, but is able to be customised to any length to suit the application needs. Providing more options on displaying your lights, this strip enclosure can be surface mounted or recessed. It comes with a frosted PMMA diffuser, as well as end caps and mounting brackets for easy installation.

    Vibe's strip enclosure is IP44 rated, meaning that it is protected against objects greater than 1mm affecting operation and protected against splashes of water from getting in and damaging the strip.

    These strip enclosures are ideal for use under shelving, cove lighting, in corridors, for signage, for decoration in exhibitions and events, and anywhere else you may want linear lighting to feature.

    To find out more on Vibe's LED customisable strip enclosures, contact ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301

  • Vibes New LED Floodlight Range

    Vibe LED Floodlight rangeVibe lighting will soon be showcasing their new LED Floodlight range, which are a suitable replacement for Metal Halide floodlights.

    They are a solid machined aluminium unit, with a black gloss powdercoating and have a polycarbonate face protecting the CREE LED chip inside. The fitting is IP65 rated, making them resistant to dust and water.

    In the LED Floodlight range there are 6 wattage options to choose from, all having a life span of 50,000 hours. Please note that as the wattage increases, so do the dimensions and weight of each fitting.


    Lumen output





    35W Metal Halide

    180 x 140 x 120mm



    70W Metal Halide

    225 x 183 x 125mm



    100W Metal Halide

    285 x 250 x 100mm



    150W Metal Halide

    280 x 250 x 155mm



    250W Metal Halide

    320 x 250 x 158mm



    400W Metal Halide

    422 x 340 x 158mm

    All the fittings come complete with a flex and plug, have a colour temperature of 4000K (Cool White) as well as SAA approved certification, ensuring peace of mind.

    Due to their versatility, these fitting can be used just about anywhere:

    • Sporting Arenas
    • Carparks
    • Abattoirs
    • Security lighting
    • Warehouses
    • Farms
    • Sheds
    • Gardens

    Please call ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301 for further information

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