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  • Vibe's Aluminium Profile Lights

    Mblog post imageust form follow function; can’t they both work together in seamless unity to create an object that is as useful as it is desirable? We live in a world littered with choices, at almost all avenues we're never forced into a decision due to lack of options. With that in mind the same choices are made contently in a world that applauds innovation. Creating something new can reap extensive benefits, much like speed dating a consumer or guest has developed an impression of you based on your space and appearance within seconds, your business or home is no different. Give them something to truly admire and put the theory into practice with our most versatile aesthetic lighting range. Vibe’s Aluminium Profile Lights are for those who want to make a statement, where your decisions expand beyond colour temperature and into limitless creative avenues. Want the lighting to create a follow-able path throughout the venue? Done. Want your lights to form a seamless pattern between the roof and walls? Not a problem. With seventeen available styles each designed for a specific purpose and capable of working together without fault the possibilities are near endless. Create an impression be it in your workplace or home by combining functionality with form in perfect harmony.stairs-with-thin-strips-of-light

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