• Food Lighting - Mood Lighting for Food

    Fresh-looking, brightly coloured fruits and vegetables.

    Lighting has more of an effect on food than you might realise. Not only do certain types of light lead to faster or slower degradation of food products, but they can also make food look much more appealing. Many food retailers, grocery stores and delicatessens are beginning to pick up on this and change their lights over so that they can offer fresher-looking and longer lasting food.  Continue reading

  • Creating a Backyard Wonderland with Lighting

    Garden architecture at night with globes lighting up grass.

    Are you a homeowner or long-term renter who wants to make the most out of your backyard? Or perhaps you are planning on a backyard soiree and want to create a magical scene in your outdoor space for your guests. Maybe you’re just an artistic person who loves the effect of light in dark spaces. Whatever your reason, there are many creative ways to make your backyard a whimsical wonderland through the thoughtful use of lighting. Continue reading

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Tips for Your Home

    Hands holding traditional and energy efficient light globes.

    We may not notice how often we use electricity in our homes, but light is one form of electricity that we are using all the time. Whether you use light on a needs basis, or to highlight and feature artwork and architecture in your home, it is important to try to be as energy efficient as possible. In recent years, as larger homes have been built and more creative light fittings have emerged, the amount of energy use for household lighting in Australia has increased dramatically. Household lighting now consumes 8 to 15 per cent of the average electricity budget. Continue reading

  • Avoiding Eyestrain in Your Home and Office

    Young student at home desk reading studying at night with pile of books and coffee cup in dim light.

    We all know the feeling of getting lost in a good book. When you started, the sun was high in the sky and before you knew it, the light has faded and suddenly you’re straining to see. Are you causing irreparable damage to your eyesight, as your mother would have had you believe? Continue reading

  • Work Safe – Lighting Workspaces in Your Kitchen, Workshop and Study

    Well-lit modern office interior.

    Sufficient lighting is important in nearly everything that we do. Whether you are working in an office or a factory, a kitchen or at a desk, the more detailed the task, the more lighting you’ll need to work.  Continue reading

  • Feature Lighting for Your Home

    Entrance hall of contemporary home with wall lights to enhance features.

    An architect will tell you that it doesn’t matter how structurally beautiful a home or building is if the lighting is all wrong. Not many people realise the importance of getting the lighting right to create the right ambience and to highlight the fixtures in your home. If you would like to add ambience and value to your house through feature lighting, here are a few ways to achieve that feat.  Continue reading

  • Creating Ambience in Your Home with Lighting

    Bedroom with ambient mood formed by neutral tones and recessed lighting.

    We’ve all heard the phrase “mood lighting” before, but how do you achieve it, and what mood are you trying to create, anyway? There are many different ways to create ambience in your home by just being creative with lighting. Ambient lighting will give your home a relaxed, glowing atmosphere, with a flat interior and not much shadow. The aesthetic feel that ambient lighting can provide is just what you need when you come home after a long day at work. Continue reading

  • Why You Should Leave Changing a Light Fitting to a Licensed Electrician

    Electrician fixing ceiling light Electrician fitting a ceiling light fixture

    There are plenty of DIY projects to do around the house. Building furniture, fixing squeaky doors, painting a room, or even converting your garage into a man. When it comes to electrical work that goes beyond just changing a light bulb though, you should leave it to a licensed electrician. While you may not need to be licensed to purchase all the tools from the hardware store, you certainly need to be licensed for a wide range of electrical work, and that includes changing a light fitting. Continue reading

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