Creating Ambience in Your Home with Lighting

Bedroom with ambient mood formed by neutral tones and recessed lighting.

We’ve all heard the phrase “mood lighting” before, but how do you achieve it, and what mood are you trying to create, anyway? There are many different ways to create ambience in your home by just being creative with lighting. Ambient lighting will give your home a relaxed, glowing atmosphere, with a flat interior and not much shadow. The aesthetic feel that ambient lighting can provide is just what you need when you come home after a long day at work.

ANL Lighting in Victoria is the leading provider of a range of residential lighting equipment and accessories, meaning we know everything there is to know about the effects of different types of lighting. Here are a few tips to create ambience in your home with lighting.

Consider the type of lighting

Different lamps and bulbs give off different heats and qualities of light. LED lights give off a cool, bright light that might be better in a lighter coloured space.

Halogen lights give off light that is close to natural daylight, known as “white light.” Colours are sharper, and you can dim this type of light.

Fluorescents traditionally give off harsh and flat lights, and can usually not be put on a dimmer. However, you can purchase warmer fluorescent lights nowadays, and they even work well in recessed lighting schemes.

Incandescent lighting is usually the best type of light to compliment skin tones and give off a warm, inviting quality. It is not the best, however, for energy efficiency.

Recessed lighting for a flushed glow

Recessed lighting refers to installing a down light fixture from your ceiling. This will give the effect of light is shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light downwards. The effect is that it gives the room a flushed and healthy glow.

Down lights are effective because they can be dimmed according to mood and time of day. If you choose fluorescents for energy-saving purposes, you can still achieve the soft look without the dimming.

Accent lights cast a spotlight

Task lighting that casts a spotlight on high-use areas, like desks or kitchen counters, also adds a level of ambience. Fixtures like track lighting can also highlight doorways, textures in your home and artwork.

Wall sconces and pendant lighting

Decorative light fixtures such as wall sconces and pendant lighting cast a lovely glow with indirect light. For a bit of whimsy, add some fairy lights to dark rooms around the perimeters of the ceiling.

In the bathroom, wall sconces by the mirror are perfect as task lights, but they don’t add too much harsh illumination. Whatever you do, avoid down lights in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

Accent lamps add character to a room

Accent lamps strategically placed can add a lot to the decoration of a room, and the light they give off certainly has a calming effect. Try putting a lovely lamp with a decorative shade on a bookshelf or on a desk. With these you can even use LED lights for more efficiency without that cool effect since the light is shaded. Floor lamps cast light upwards and are good in small rooms or in dark corners.

For ambience in the bedroom, try only lighting the space with functional lights, such as lamps on the bedside table for reading.

For all of the light fixtures you need to create ambient lighting in your home, browse our online store for a quote today.