Feature Lighting for Your Home

Entrance hall of contemporary home with wall lights to enhance features.

An architect will tell you that it doesn’t matter how structurally beautiful a home or building is if the lighting is all wrong. Not many people realise the importance of getting the lighting right to create the right ambience and to highlight the fixtures in your home. If you would like to add ambience and value to your house through feature lighting, here are a few ways to achieve that feat. 

Use LED Strip Lighting to Highlight Architectural Features

Lighting is the perfect way to accentuate your home’s unique architectural features. LED strip lighting is a good way to achieve a number of looks because it is long lasting and linear, which means the lighting can easily follow the lines and curves of your house.

For example, in a modern style house with clean lights, open spaces and white walls, this style of lighting will only accentuate the crispness of the architecture. For an impressive interior special effect, linear lighting can create a sort of 3D light column that highlights the height of your space. The lighting also adds a bit of warmth to otherwise cool spaces, working with the architecture for a relaxed home.

Track Lighting to Create a Spotlight

If you would like to use lighting to feature certain works of art or pieces of furniture in your home, track lighting is the perfect solution. Each light fixture is easily adjustable and highly dynamic to your home. These are perfect to place near a wall of art, over your living room furniture, or even in the kitchen to highlight places that are used often. This sort of task lighting can hover over countertops or desks to increase visibility. You can also add track lights underneath cabinets for a sort of hidden light source that adds a glow to the room.

Light Up Your Bathroom

With the wrong lighting, your bathroom can turn into a rather harsh place indeed. However, if you avoid certain common mistakes, like placing down lights in front of mirrors, you can actually accentuate your bathroom’s features in a way that you never thought possible.

Interior wall lights on either side of your main mirror give you an even, shadow-free and soft lighting that helps with shaving or applying makeup. If you have one of those classic, free-standing bathtubs, try adding up lights around the floor under it to make the room truly spa-like.

Recessed Down lights Highlight Your Common Rooms

For living rooms and common rooms, recessed down lights are a great way to subtly highlight every fixture and design in the room, from furniture to paintings. Add extra lights to the middle of the room to pull it all together and draw everyone to the centre.

Don’t Forget About the Garden

Your garden or veggie patch is also a great place to get creative with lights. Spike garden lights can be fitted to change with the seasons, highlighting what you’d like to show off at night and hiding what you’d rather keep in the dark. In addition, exterior LED up lights can be used along pathways to create a growing path to follow in the dark.

For more information on how additional feature lighting can add value to appeal to your home, contact ANL Lighting today.