Work Safe – Lighting Workspaces in Your Kitchen, Workshop and Study

Well-lit modern office interior.

Sufficient lighting is important in nearly everything that we do. Whether you are working in an office or a factory, a kitchen or at a desk, the more detailed the task, the more lighting you’ll need to work. 

Why Do You Need to Worry about Lighting Your Workspaces

There are a number of reasons why sufficient and appropriately placed lighting in a workspace is important. For obvious reasons, it allows you to see what you’re doing more clearly. If you are chopping vegetables in the kitchen, you’ll certainly need the ability to see what you are doing so you don’t injure yourself. By that same token, any work with your hands, from sewing clothes at a factory to fixing electrical wires of lamps at your desk, require focused lighting so that you do not hurt yourself. Poor lighting can also lead to accidents if you can’t see where you are walking.

If you work or study at a desk with insufficient lighting, you could potentially hurt your eyes due to not being able to take in enough light, which could lead to long-term damage.

In addition, for mental health reasons, you need good lighting to avoid anxiety and depression. Studies show that increased and even lighting in a workplace increases productivity and engagement, whereas poor lighting or harsh lighting causes faces to appear aggressive and makes workers hostile or nervous.

Ideal Lighting Options for Your Workspace

When considering how to best light up your workspace for maximum efficiency and productivity, you must consider the positioning of the light. Make sure you don’t place the lights in a way that will cause you to adjust your posture to get sufficient lighting on the task at hand, as this will cause body pains and other injuries. By that same token, avoid glares from windows or shiny surfaces as any light going directly into your eyes can cause eye fatigue and headaches, as well as annoyance. Make sure that the light is directly facing any work that you are doing.

If you can’t fill your workspace with natural light, here are the next best options:

Task Lighting

Light that is dedicated to helping you with tasks will help you keep from straining your eye at work and it will help keep you focused. Lamps with rotating necks are perfect for this as you can adjust them as needed, however overhead track lighting can also provide a dynamic lighting solution as each of the lights is adjustable and provides a spotlight on the work you are doing.

Ambient Light

To avoid having a room with bad lighting, that is only lit up by a solitary desk lamp, try filling your workspace with ambient light. For example you can place wall lights or LED strip lights in a warm white or daylight heat behind your computer to create an overall glow around your desk for a nice and relaxing vibe.

Overhead Illumination

Overhead lighting can often cause some serious harshness in a room. However, if done correctly, it can lead to a balanced workspace. Pendant lights that hang from overhead are not only stylish and lamp-like, they also light up the centre of the room, making it more balanced. Recessed down lights offer a well-lit room that is still inviting and soft enough as the light sources are spread out and they come from small hollows in the ceiling.

If you’re not sure how to go about adding light to your workspace, contact our lighting professionals at ANL Lighting in Victoria today.